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March 5, 2014

The Philippine's Katana - Geisha's Blade

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

From the marvelous culture of Japan to the rich culture of the Philippines comes Geisha’s Blade.  As my first geeky post, I wanted to share to you your trusted online source for katana and blades in the Philippines.

Geisha's Blade Logo

If you’re not a fan of the Japanese culture, you might be wronged for naming katana as samurai. So as for the introduction, let me clarify this. Katana is the weapon/blade and the term samurai is the person who wields those Japanese swords. Along with katana, other Japanese swords are wakizashi, tachi and nagamaki but katana are those that made it through popularity. In my theory, maybe it’s because it was one of the weapons used in a famous game that hit the gaming community which is Final Fantasy. If you could recall, it was the weapon wielded by the Ninja and Samurai class.

Back to the topic, if you would read the “About” page of Geisha’s Blade, it was formed by Jamiee L. and Aldwin P. back in 2005. They started selling most of their prized collection and the number of inquiries started to increase as well. With the said turn of events, their hobby eventually leads to the forming of Geisha’s Blade in 2008. So why Geisha? Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to ask them personally regarding the matter but in my theory, as for the etymology of the term, gei means art and sha means person or doer. So we could technically refer to the name as “Performer’s Blade” or “Artist’s Blade”. But regarding the renowned Geisha, the gender still remains a mystery which maybe we could eventually solve after a series of inquiries.

Dedicated to imparting the knowledge they treasured, they also built a dojo to teach interested students and enthusiasts everything there is to know including the Japanese history and Japanese Swordsmanship. If interested, you could visit them at Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Philippines though the exact location remains unknown. Maybe contacting them personally would do the trick.

As for the prices of their blades, the wooden version was a bit friendly starting at Php. 1,500.00 but those metal katanas could be another topic for the price would vary depending if the katana was made by a machine or forged by a professional blacksmith. The cheapest machine made katana I found in their website is Sasuke’s Sword of Kusanagi which was Php. 2,500.00 and was definitely fit for cosplay since the edge was non-sharpened. As for their stock items, if the desired product was not available as of the moment, it might take time for it was imported from the land of China but forged in Japanese manner! Yes, it was specifically ordered and based on the traditions and movies which they come from. From anime, movies and games, you name it! They have it. Well, maybe not immediately but eventually for sure! They always post updates on their Facebook page so rests assure that you could order your desired katana as soon as it is available!

Aside from quality blades, what makes Geisha Blade best of the best? Well it’s because they also held events and contests. As of the moment (March 5, 2014), they’re giving away Raiden’s High Frequency Blade which was used in Metal Gear Rising. It was indeed the same as those used by the Cyborg Ninjas in that popular video game.

Still not sure if they could be trusted? See the image below and decide for yourself if they’re hoax or not. If the image seems a bit fraud, did I mention that they were also featured in “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” and they also accommodated the famous designer Rajo Laurel for a photo shoot!?

Geisha's Blade Featured Item

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