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April 22, 2014

How to Post your First Write-Up in Wattpad

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello again! Now I'll be posting a new category for Geeky Juan and this will be the Newbie Guide. For the first article, it will be on how to post a story or anything you want in Wattpad. We all know that Wattpad has now become a eye catcher for the modern way of publishing the works of self-proclaimed to professional anonymous writers who seeks readers or mainly just to share the thoughts they had in mind.

As for a little background, the Philippines' movie industry today adapted on making full length movies out of the famous stories on Wattpad. This includes "Diary ng Panget" which was shown on theaters this April and the upcoming movie "She's Dating the Gangster" where the famous on-screen couple KathNiel was rumored to take the leading roles.

Setting aside the Wattpad History in the Philippines, let's now jump to the Newbie Guide to show you how you could take the spotlight and post your very own unique story in Wattpad!

1. Create an Account then Login

Creating an account is necessary since there should be a profile for viewing the Author of the content. If you still don't have a Wattpad Account, then just follow the instructions and create one upon visiting the website. You could also LogIn or Create an account using Facebook which makes the process a bit easier!

Wattpad Login

2. Click on Create

Located on the top most center of Wattpad's Homepage, click on Create and let your brains do the writing!

Wattpad Create

3. Fill in the necessary fields and Submit your very own content!

After filling in all the necessary requirements especially the Categories, Tags, Title and Content, you can now submit your very first article in Wattpad! You could even share it immediately on your Facebook account when published and let your friends be your first readers!

Wattpad Publish

Now there you have it! You could now start viewing your content in your MyWorks section in Wattpad and wait for comments from other readers! If you're lucky, your stories might even end up in the big screen!

Do you think you could be the next famous author! Try your wheels now at Wattpad and enjoy the unending readers that might come your way!
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