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May 13, 2014

Access BPI Express Mobile App free of charge

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Need to constantly check your account online? Might be a little bit late but still, a promo is a promo so we decided to relay to you a semi-late news.

Geeky Juan - BPI Mobile AppAs of what is posted, BPI's promo which is in partnership with Globe Telecom is having a special treat to those who are using the BPI mobile app. It seems that BPI and Globe are doing well together after all the joint ventures they made. Including but not limited to BanKo which is a microfinance-focused savings bank. Back to the issue, what is this promo anyway?

No WiFi Needed, No Data Charges! Connect to your account anytime!

There were limits to the things you could do when using the Application but at least, you could do Balance Inquiries, Prepaid Reloads, Fund Transfers or Bills Payment which we found important when using your online banking capabilities.

Since we're living in a technology driven world, we hope you kept in mind that there will always be flaws. There could be identity theft, or other criminal activities lurking around so before you do some online banking, make sure that you're clear of any viruses or haven't click any unnecessary links that might carry those malwares.

Anyways, find out more about the BPI Promo when you visit the BPI website or BPI Online Magazine.
Promo runs from April 30,2014 - August 31, 2014
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