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May 16, 2014

CD-R King to Sell Google Glass Facebook Post is Fake

Friday, May 16, 2014

Remember the Facebook post we shared regarding CD-R King acquiring the one of the most talked about gadget? Unfortunately, nearly a day after the alleged post; CD-R King removed the post and immediately made an announcement with a clarification about the article.

Image was taken from CD-R King's Official Facebook Page.

Geeky Juan - CD-R King hoax post

Many thought that if ever it would have been possible, CD-R would just sell another China made gadget that was supposed to function nearly like a Google Glass. It might be possible but the chances are it will only be available in the later future. The technology and parts used are not that cheap so we thought that it would still take some time even for the likes of the outstanding country China.

It might have caused a huge buzz which caught everyone's attention but many still believed that it will not be possible as of the moment and 'twas just used as a promotion for the company. Whether it was done on purpose or just a serious false advertising, it turned out to be a great publicity putting CD-R King a part of the headlines during that day.

For the mean time, let's just hope for the best for CD-R.
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