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May 20, 2014

Facebook: To Give Streamlined Look for Pages

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Again, another late post. Since Geeky Juan has been trying to build itself in the web, the need for social media accounts have been already part of the modern strategy. The audience might have been few as of now but being in the internet, the World is our Audience.

Upon glancing our accounts trying to make some publicity, we've notice something that was prompted at the top of the banner of our Facebook Page. A new layout for Facebook Pages.

Geeky Juan - Facebook Fan Page Timeline
(Click image for larger view)

As we try to run on the details (which was by the way posted last March 11). We'd say that it was in fact pretty neat. We loved the new arrangement and the needed details for an admin are easily pointed out upon viewing.

The information regarding the reach of Ads at Facebook has not been discussed (which is also normal since the news was only about the layout) which became a necessary information for the admins after the release of an issue which contains that it has not been effective anymore like the old days popped out a while ago.

The exact date for total implementation hasn't been declared but it was now available to a few number of pages for a suspected dry run and will head for a larger scale every week.

We know that many of us are admins of a page or more so, have you tried to line up for this new layout? What are your experiences with it? Share us your stories!
'Til our next post!

View the article at: Facebook Business
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