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May 11, 2014

How to Change PPI (Pixels Per Inch) in Photoshop

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another pleasant day everyone! Again, we're up for another Newbie Guide here in Geeky Juan. This time we'll talk about Photoshop and the requirement "PPI (Pixels Per Inch)".

Have you ever tried to join a Photo Editing event where you are required to produce an output which is under the influence of higher PPI? Normally, Pixels per Inch in Photoshop is set at 72 as far as I have observed, but most of the events/contest you'll see will require you to produce an output of 300 ppi! So you ask yourself in confusion...

"How am I going to do that!?"

Well, upon researching and testing. We have found the way on setting our PPIs at a higher level. Interested!? See the procedures below together with the output we've prepared which is set at a canvas of 3.5x2 inches.

Step 1: First you should look at the menu bar placed on the top and click on "Image".

Step 2: Click on "Image Size".

Step 3: View the "Document Size" Frame and edit the Resolution to your desired PPI.

Step 4: Last, just hit on "OK" button on the right!

After following the steps, you should now be able to create an output that is under 300 ppi. Or perhaps on your desired Pixels per Inch value. The viewing of the Canvas will most likely be a bit larger than the usual but upon checking the Canvas Size, it's still the same!

Other procedures when changing a Canvas' PPI is when creating a new document where in you'll be asked what is the desired size of the Canvas you're working on. Together with that module, you could also see the "Document Size" frame and immediately change the PPI before starting your portrait.

Another step is using the shortcut keys when you already created your Canvas. Just hit on... ( ALT + CTRL + I )

To get a glance on the changes when changing PPIs, view the images presented below. Both are under 3.5 x 2 inches size of Canvas.

Geeky Juan - Changing of PPI

'til our next post!
We sure hope this helps!
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