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May 5, 2014

How to Disable StartUp Applications in Windows

Monday, May 05, 2014

As most people uses Windows as their primary Operating System, many encountered the issue of preventing applications to run during start-up. With the help of common researches, we have found the solution and is also categorized under the Newbie Guide. As you have recalled, the Newbie Guide a section where short tutorials are posted not technically for the Newbies but because the task is very simple to do. Together with additional screenshots, we could assure you that after reading this post, you could finally depend on your own after installing some auto-running applications during start-up.

So let's get this guide started then!

1. Click in the Windows Logo or hit the Windows Key in your Keyboard.

MSconfig Step1

2. Type in the Search Bar "msconfig"
- Run the application after typing msconfig.

MSconfig Step2

3. Click on the "Startup" Tab.
- Tick the boxes of the applications that you don't want to run during startup.

4.  Hit on OK and choose whether to restart your Computer now or later.
- Changes will only happen after a short and quick restart on your local computer is made.

MSconfig Step4
There you have it! After you hit the Restart button, the changes will automatically take effect and will not bug you anymore with unnecessary applications running on the background every time you turn on your computer.

I sure hope this helps! 'til the next time!
For any questions, suggestions and clarifications... Please comment your inquiries below or hit the contact form and send us your thoughts!

Thank you!
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