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May 13, 2014

Pros and Cons on setting up a Local Wordpress

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Geeky Juan - Notebook WordpressSo you want to test your own Wordpress but doesn't want to release all those information you have in mind yet just because you're not sure how would they look like when uploaded or are they compatible with the theme you are having? Well, you could always hide your blog to search engines using robots.txt but hey, that would definitely take time and bandwidth to your server. So why not set your Wordpress in your local computer then!?

Yes! You read it right. For one of the most basic information you could get on, is that Wordpress could be installed locally in your own personal computer! But before doing so, you would definitely ask for something else like...

"How's this going to help me. Does it function exactly the way I wanted it to happen?"

Well, sort of. You it's exactly the same thing but not almost the real thing. Especially when you are using Windows as your Operating System. So let us take you to our own Pros and Cons of having a Wordpress locally installed.

1. You could upload any of your content without the waiting time - of course! You are using your local computer! No connectivity issues, no lag problems. As long as your computer doesn't hang you up, you control your own blog!

2. Less damage to control - since you are using your local computer, you could always back things up (again without connectivity issues) and try as many plugins or inputs that you want to do and you will not affect anything else! Just you and your little and personal workspace.

3. Trying those fancy themes for a ride - Of course you want your own personal identity. It might not be the name nor the content or the logo but sometimes, the themes attracts the readers. There are a few observations that actually result to higher returning visitor after the theme was changed! For all I know, you might want to create your own theme as well! Then you could get your ride there just by simply setting that local blog in seconds!

4. Post it anytime | Edit it anytime - Well, of course this is the most primary use for a local Wordpress. You could try and make your content look more attractive to readers and arranging contents without the continuous editing when you're online. You just create it and post it when you're in local. Edit it the way you want and you will have it anytime!

1. Your permalinks aren't changeable - as far as I have tried and searched, you will not be able to change this permalinks since this affects the ".htaccess" of your localhost. But as I have read, htaccess are only used by the Linux Family servers. So if you're using Windows, just try it when you put 'em up live.

2. You "may" forgot the image file sizes - It will take you long enough to upload a 5MB image file if you are among the users of slow internet connection, thus making you forget that those kind of files are not much of a problem when in local. So when you end up exporting your blog on the web. It might take you for a long ride.

As far as I know, those are the most necessary things that could be kept in mind if you're using a local Wordpress for dry run. Not much of the Cons either. You are free to do whatever you do when you hit those on local so I guess those will be the normal issues encountered. (might update this when we found out something else worthy of adding)

So that's it for today! 'til the next post!
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