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June 17, 2014

Creating New Android Activity + Layout in Eclipse

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It has been nearly a day since we posted an easy way on creating a New Android Activity using the wizards of Eclipse. Unfortunately, we happen to stumble upon a problem regarding the previous guide we created because it seems that it does not automatically create a layout, and for a Script Kid when it comes to Android Programming, this is very frustrating. So upon further research, we happen to stumble upon a much more efficient way of creating a new android activity plus the layout as well!

So to give you a much more easier way, here's the guide.

1. Click on "File"
2. Select "New" or (Alt + Shift + N)
3. Select "Other"
4. Go to "Android" hierarchy
5. Select on "Android Activity"

Well, that's the long process. For the short one, simply hit on CTRL + N and you'll be redirected to the number 4 of the guide above which is a hierarchy of what other files could you create.

Upon following the wizard, you'll end up naming a layout like you are just creating your new Android Project and upon hitting the finish button, all the necessary files you'll need will now be available in your Package Explorer.
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