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November 4, 2014

Fixing "This Webpage has a Redirect Loop" through cPanel

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Fixing a Website Redirect Loop through cPanel - Geeky Juan
Unfortunately, one of the websites we're handling has encountered a "Redirect Loop" message when viewed in Google Chrome. While in Firefox, it stated that it shows a behavior in a way that redirects will never end which is why the website that we're managing wasn't able to open.

Fortunately, a lot of people has encountered this problem already and a very common solution that was mentioned all throughout is to clear the cookies of the browser or change the configuration about its cookies. Of course, we tried this solution as well but ended up with no luck. Then it happened that we went to the forum of our hosting provider and search for solutions there as well.

Alas! We stumble on a reply by Dead-i, a community support member and here's how the instruction goes. (This guide is to be used by cPanel users).
Step 1: Go to your cPanel
Step 2: Click on Redirects
Step 3: Delete any redirects listed
Step 4: Confirm the deletion
If this procedure fails, then it will all fall down through a coding error according to Dead-i

To our surprise, the redirection loop was immediately lifted giving us a peace of mind before finishing the work load for the day.

Normally, this is just a configuration error due to an attempt to properly canonicalize a website. The canonicalization process is an important task for search engines because it treats websites with and without "www" as two different websites, resulting to a dissected traffic that was supposed to be obtained fully by the site.

From what we experienced, it happened that in the Redirect section, we  accidentally ticked "with or without www" instead of redirect "without www" radio button resulting to a redirect loop error.

For a visual presentation of the redirection error loop, please see the image above.

Hope this helps! 'Til our next post!
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