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December 8, 2014

Puzzle Phone - Finland's Project Ara Competitor

Monday, December 08, 2014

Photo taken at PuzzlePhone's fan page
With a start info in their Facebook Page dated January 14, 2013 comes Puzzle Phone. Base on their name, you’d be able to easily guess what this smartphone’s about and yes, it’s nearly the same as the one being developed by Google which is now and continuously gaining worldwide popularity, the Project Ara.

Though the Puzzle Phone has nearly consumed two full years, unfortunately, there hasn’t been any announced public demo of the company where in this case the Project Ara stands out for their previous public demos which was able to run few apps during the presentation.

Puzzle Phone according to its website and videos contains of three key modules namely:
  • The Spine - a highly resistant LCD Module, it contains the main buttons, speakers and microphone.
  • The Brain - it holds the main electronics and it can be developed according to any specific purpose.
  • The Heart - It contains the battery and secondary electronics which can be used in different ways.
Boasting an LCD screen that has a lifespan of 10 years unless broken, the Puzzle Phone also has claims on easier phone personalization and will have future release to open for hardware developers which in turn could produce more alternatives for the product. Puzzle Phone is also expected to run on Android OS based on their statement about Linus Trovalds who created the Linux kernel where Android runs being a Finnish programmer. Sadly, the forked version of Android where Puzzle Phone is expected to run is still a mystery.

Pricing are yet to be announced but the product is expected to be released on the second half of 2015. A little behind after the scheduled release of Project Ara but still could be worth the wait.

Puzzle Phone is a registered trademark of Circular Devices Oy.

Stay tuned for more information about Puzzle Phone!

Source: PuzzlePhone

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