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January 22, 2015 joins

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Posted in their Facebook page for quite a while, AyosDito has informed its avid users that they’ll be merging with OLX to “improve” Filipino lives through buying and selling. But what’s really the deal?

AyosDito merge with OLX via Interaksyon - Geeky Juan

Surprisingly, the two giants of online buying and selling in the Philippines has merge. Leaving only tech centered online selling sites TipidPC and TipidCP as their main competitor.

Clearly this is a way to eradicate the competition here in the country as OLX acquired a few years ago and now taking AyosDito as well. Setting that possibility aside, OLX could also have made an offer that’s hard to turn down. As we have seen in TechInAsia, the deal to finally redirect AyosDito to the current seems to have been completed.

Starting January 22, 2015, AyosDito is now fully under OLX as it redirects the site leaving only its logo (temporarily) as its last mark in the Philippines.

OLX is already part of the Philippine online consumers way back just as Sulit and AyosDito so technically they aren’t new in the field, but when it comes to the promotions of what they have is where they have lost during that time.

As OLX make their way up through acquiring Buying and Selling sites, how was your experience? Was it better or worse?

Drop your comments below and be heard!

FYI: AyosDito is owned by 701 Search which is a Singaporean company if I’m correct while OLX is owned and maintained by Naspers whose headquarters is in South Africa as seen in Wikipedia

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