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January 7, 2015

How to do a Screeencast on Android Devices

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How to do a Screeencast on Android Devices - Geeky Juan
To those who doesn’t know, screencast is a term used for digital recording of a computer screen which is widely known as video screen capture.

For those who are doing tutorials and demos of some applications, this is a very important tool rather than grabbing a video cam and manually recording your actions. Clearly, the reason why manually taking a video of the scenarios you want to share isn’t the best option is because of shaky and sometimes blurred outputs. With the help of screencasting, these issues are all avoided.

So how do you do it in an Android Device? See the list given below:

1. ROOT YOUR PHONE - unfortunately, there is no other way to do this without rooting your phone. According to a forum, this is impossible due to security reasons since cases like unknowingly becoming a victim of identity theft and hacked accounts could possibly arise.

2. Download a Screencast Application - by doing this, you are now probably looking for a Screencast application. While most of these kind applications has its cracked counterpart available via searching the internet, you will most probably end up looking at a price since premium versions of these apps normally comes with a price.

Please do remember that if you’re buying a paid one, try its free version first as it has become a common problem that some apps don’t run in some devices. Please MAKE THIS A HABIT so you will not end up wasting money.

3. Follow the app's instructions - technically, different apps has different procedures so just view their simple video presentation and follow the instructions.


Unfortunately, doing a screencast necessarily requires a rooted phone unless maybe if you try to use other means via HDMI recorders or using a screenrecord via adb in the command line.

Command line recording is set to a maximum and default length of three minutes.
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