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January 11, 2015

iTexMo - Proudly Pinoy Free Unlimited SMS Application

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today, I would like to present you a proudly pinoy made application, web widget and API for SMS (Short Messager Service), the iTexMo SMS Application.

iTexMo SMS Application Free Texts 24/7 - Geeky Juan

As we may have recalled, Philippines has become the SMS Capital of the world way back in the year 2000’s but interestingly, claims of overcharging and misleading promos still bash the doors of giant telcos in the Philippines. What more if you’re sending SMS to people overseas!? It will definitely be costly.

Surprisingly, there’s only one person behind iTexMo and it’s Mr. Patrick Aquino - the founder and creator of iTexMo. Mr. Aquino is a graduate of BS-CS from Palawan State University and is currently 24 years of age whose current occupation is along side his bandmates as their drummer.

Up in the web for roughly 6 months, iTexMo SMS App is now gaining popularity and continuously acquiring a tremendous amount of visitors according to its Alexa record together with thousands of comments in its web page.

As Mr. Aquino stated, iTexMo’s primary purpose is to serve Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) providing unlimited or at most one peso deduction on the user’s load. Since smartphones are becoming a huge trend with its messaging apps that could connect people via the internet, there are still a few outstanding individuals in each group who doesn’t want a smartphone.

Second, iTexMo was created with a web widget. This on the other hand is created for the benefit of web developers who wanted to integrate an SMS Messaging widget for their websites. and last,

iTexMo provides developer with its API. This is very useful for developers especially if they want to understand how this messaging service works. API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and iTexMo’s API is currently available on PHP, C/VB.NET and C#. According to its website, an API for Java will be available soon.

With my last conversation with Mr. Aquino, it seems that his hybrid API which he claims to provide faster loading of the app will be implemented this coming week so you could start expecting of a faster loading iTexMo Application on the coming days.

“iTexMo App’s mission is to provide fast, free and secure way of sending/receiving of SMS via PC, smartphones and ordinary phones” - Patrick Aquino

Android and iOS version of iTexMo is currently under development with a possible release this January of 2015.

Have you tried this proudly pinoy made application? Give us your feedback by posting your comments below or placing your thoughts at iTexMo’s website.
iTexMo - No catch, no limits, no charges! Text all you want 24/7!
To view a demo of the iTexMo’s PC App, please view Mr. Patrick Aquino’s demo in his YouTube video below.

Source | Interview with Mr. Patrick Aquino
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