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January 6, 2015

Spartan Browser Outstands Internet Explorer in Microsoft's Windows 10!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Spartan Browser in Windows 10 - Geeky Juan
Growing interests in the upcoming Windows 10 does not end with its new features and list of "things you need to know" about it. As the news buzz around the tech industry, a new browser will now come hand in hand with the browser that was loved to hate, the Spartan.

If you've been circulating the web for a long time, you probably know how much the Internet Explorer was hated by tech-oriented users but still poses to be the leading browser according to Normally, for PC users, IE is used only to download the user's desired browser and after that, it's stocked in the shelves of the computer but with IE 11 which is the latest version available, there has been a lot of changes and actually, the infamous browser is trying to hold on to the browser race.

Given that the IE has its negative reputation that can't be shrugged off, Microsoft will now launch a new browser which is called Spartan. Allegedly, this new browser will be able to even the tables with popular browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and will be nothing like the Internet Explorer.

Spartan will be shipped alongside IE with hopes for users to differentiate the two browsers packed in Windows 10. With this mindset, it is expected to increase the likeability of this new browser just like how something average looking will turn out to be the most gorgeous when compared to a statistically defined "ugly" creature.

According to sources, Spartan will run Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript Engine and Trident rendering engine with claims to be a "new, light-weight browser".

Spartan is claimed to support Windows 10 on mobile but news for Android and iOS devices is still unannounced.

More news about Windows 10 and all its features will be unveiled on January 21, 2015 at Redmond, Washington.

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