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February 19, 2015

21 Days Pending Lifted through PayPal's Customer Support

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pending Status Lifted in PayPal - GeekyJuan via Wikimedia
Ever felt the pressure of not being able to withdraw your funds in PayPal? Especially if this is your first time making deals which will hold your money for twenty-one (21) days? Well, this actually more of our experience rather than a full review. Interested? Check out the full content below.

Just like any other normal transaction, it went well at first. The other party confirming they've sent the funds and us on the other hand actually seen the funds transferred to our account. Unfortunately, since this was the first time, we've handled transactions through PayPal, we have no idea we'd need to wait for twenty-one (21) days to make the transfer!

At first, we let it take its course but eventually, we've been notified by the services we're using that we do have outstanding balance so we tried using PayPal's contact form in hope that we could receive the funds earlier. We've even tried surfing the web for possible solutions which some stated about clicking the "Confirm Receipt" which is done in the sender's PayPal account while there is one outstanding comment that states we should try for sending them an email. Though we're not technically sure, it seems that we've received an automated message at first but we continued to send a reply and that's when it happened.

After two (2) hours, we've received an email regarding our request and before further explanation from the Customer Support has been made, another email came stating that the "Pending" status has been lifted. Imagine the joy we felt when we received that! In the email, the support that contacted us clearly stated that,
... However, payments labeled as service are exempted from the payment holds. Therefore just like the last payment that was released, whenever you receive a payment for service then you just have to notify through phone or email then we can expedite the release of the funds for you.
We're definitely overwhelmed with joy upon receiving this email and continued with the transactions we should be doing. We really didn't expect that the customer support could actually help us through email since what we mostly received are just automated replies.

Though we're completely satisfied with the support we have received, online payments still are something we take serious precautions since the web is the most vulnerable to hackers and other frauds. Setting that aside, we would really vouch for PayPal's Customer Support every time we will encounter a problem with them.

- PayPal Support takes about 2-4 hours max to send a reply
- After the first email, succeeding messages looks non-automated
- They are actually giving out solutions!

Do you have any experience with PayPal's Customer Support? Share it with us by dropping a message in our comment boxes below!
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