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February 24, 2015

How to Get Own Email for Blogger Hosted Blogs

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Get Own Email for Blogger Hosted Blogs - Geeky Juan via Zoho Mail
As a blogger, you would definitely love this one! This is most helpful for Blogger hosted blogs since as a blogger, we always love to have our own emails but instead of having to pay other providers or host it on a free hosting provider, why not go for a trusted third party then?

Here I introduce you Zoho Mail. According to an article I've read, Zoho has been part of the industry way back and was claimed to be second best to Google before but due to ever increasing demands and increasing competitors, they might have already been surpassed by others.

Without further ado, the steps are very simple...

Step 1: Go to Zoho Mail
Step 2: Sign Up for the Free Account
Step 3: Add a CName record to your Name Servers
Step 4: Add an MX record in your Name Servers
Step 5: Add additional emails

For further explanation, adding a CName in these steps is used to verify domain ownership and is a necessity to prevent email spoofing and identity theft issues. On the other hand, those MX records are also necessary for the emails you have set up for it to receive incoming emails. Of course you wouldn't want people who tried contacting you having a bounced reply isn't it?

With these steps, you will be able to set up an email with your own domain for free! Hopefully you could achieve that desired output with the following steps we've provided.

Should you have any questions, post your comments below! Perhaps we could be of help to you as well! 'Til our next post then!
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