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February 3, 2015's Domain Price Hike of 2015

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

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Recently, we’ve received a surprising email from the domain provider, It may still seem affordable given that they are one of the most accessible domain provider in the Philippines, a price hike is still a price hike and shouldn’t be ignored.

As recent negative feedback were given towards them in our review, they have stated in the said email that through this price hike, they will be able or perhaps continuously improve their service. While this hike will be effective on February 9, 2015, we’re still wondering if you have experienced any notable changes in their service?

Given below is their new price list.

   DOMAIN      PRICE in PHP   

Also included in the email is the list of improvement and commitments they’ll do for us customers.

- Free set-up of WhoIs Privacy
- World-class equipment & tech team capable to address tech issues
- Constant security against attacks
- Wide selection of online and offline payment options
- Local support reachable via email, telephone, and social networking sites
- Improved guides and knowledgebase

As continuously increase their sales in the Philippines with many aspiring individuals aiming to improve or cause mishap in the world wide web, let’s just hope that together with this price hike is an introduction of a well-served and improved service.

Should you have any concerns and opinions, drop your comments below and be heard!
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