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March 7, 2015

Free Data for Android One Devices Provided by Globe

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Android One Free Data by Globe - Geeky Juan via YugaTech
With the recent announcements from Google about the Android One devices by our local brands, the telco giant Globe is also making a huge move for these devices by giving off Free Data. Yes, that's literally free but will only be available for six (6) months.

So what's the catch? Of course everything has its limitations and this free data provided is limited to 100 MB per month for that period AND it's only for Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates!

**Darn, I thought I could play games that requires connection on this one.

Well, things like these are quite expected since the Android One project has only been up for a few months now and changes are bound to be made so with this service plus your newest android one devices at least you could expect to be able to update your device's software.

Another thing that's worth noting in this announcement is that not only you get that 100 MB per month for your OTA update but you also get 200 MB every month for app downloads from PlayStore! Well, perhaps it's not much but at least you could go downloading apps every now and then for that 6 month period.

But wait! There's more! Those who will buy Cherry Mobile One devices will receive 150 MB per month if they abide with the rule that they load at least Php. 100.00 per month while MyPhone Uno units will receive 100 MB per month for one whole year!

For recent updates, Cherry Mobile One is currently being sold at Php. 3,999.00 and MyPhone Uno devices are being sold at Php. 4,599.00

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