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March 17, 2015

Globe Telecom switched to Monthly Data Caps

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

As great as what Globe Telecom offers their DSL services before, is now the sudden change of their rules for new subscribers by capping the data connection which shifted from daily to monthly!

According to their post, old subscribers will still continue to receive the old rules where daily capping is in effect but this is bad news for aspiring customers who are thinking of jumping inside Globe Telecom’s boat. But first, if you’re not familiar with this capping thing… Then let us enlighten you up a bit.

Data Capping is the process of limiting the usage of the user’s connection when the declared limit is reached. As for the speed of your connection when you get capped, you’ll drop from your regular speed to 64 Kbps!

Given that new subscribers will have their limit refreshed monthly, that means if you spent your data limit in just a few days, then you’ll have to put up with that 64 Kbps for the rest of the month before experiencing that fast speed again when it gets refreshed!

Check out the details of these changes as illustrated by Globe Telecom.

Globe Telecom switched to Monthly Data Caps - Geeky Juan via Globe and YugaTech

For those heavy internet users, I suggest you start monitoring and worrying now and have your mind prepared.

For my ending, let me quote to you a famous meme that I saw a few days, months and years back.

“You’ll never know the real attitude of a man until you let him use a slow computer with a terrible internet connection” - Unknown


Surprisingly, there has been a petition that started at to eradicate this move of Globe Telecom. It just recently started with one thousand five hundred supporters.

Aside from that, a statement given by Globe Telecom indicates that old subscribers will NOT be affected in any way as long as they stick to their current plan. This means that if the old subscribers upgrade or downgrade with their plan, they'll be subject to this scheme by Globe.

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