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March 17, 2015

Know your limit before you get capped - A User's Data Connection Guide

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Since the news come up regarding Globe Telecom’s shift from daily to monthly capping, let us elaborate more the concept of capping. As for an example...

Say, you have a monthly capping of 1GB and you’re continuously watching videos online which normally consumes 30 - 50MB per five minute video. As for the math, let us just threw a few calculations.

No. of Videos = Monthly Capping / MB per video

MB per video = 50MB
Monthly Capping = 1GB

To find the number of videos you could watch then…

1GB / 50MB = 20.48

Through the given equation, it is assumed that you could only watch twenty and a half videos before your subscriber caps your data and proceed to a very low speed for the rest of the period!

If you are willing to put up with that then worrying won’t do you good but for heavy internet users such as downloading, online gaming and video streaming? Capping means BAD NEWS.
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