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March 11, 2015

Philippine made Satellite 'Diwata' - The First in Philippine History

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MicroSatellite | Diwata - Geeky Juan via Rappler
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As different countries like China and North Korea previously hits the news for their rocket / satellite launch comes the Philippines in the limelight. Announced by the Philippines' Department of Science and Technology (DOST) yesterday, March 10, 2015 is the expected launch of the first satellite from the Philippines - Diwata

The Diwata which is a micro-satellite is expected to be off at space in 2016 while the other micro-satellite hasn't been blessed with a nickname just yet but is scheduled for launch at 2017. These two (2) launches is expected to improve the services provided by the department specifically in weather forecasting where PAG-ASA has been in hot water in previous cases.

The government project dubbed as the Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Micro-Satellite (PHL-Microsat) is the one responsible for Diwata with the purpose to help in the following list: (accdg. to Dr. Joel Marciano, the program leader)
  • Assist disaster management programs
  • Weather forecasting
  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Forest Protection
  • Mining
  • Protection of cultural and historical sites
According to reports, once launched, Diwata is expected to pass over the Philippines four (4) times a day with a span of six (6) minutes per pass. During its pass, the micro-satellite will capture 900 images per pass and will transfer the images in its receiving facility station called Philippine Earth Data Resources Observation (PEDRO) center with a speed of 2.4 Mbps located at Subic, Zambales.

As all technologies continue to strive, UP Diliman will be the one responsible for the improvements  with its research laboratories.

Source: Rappler
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