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March 2, 2015

Play the Jumping T-Rex Mini-Game of Google Chrome

Monday, March 02, 2015

Are you in the dinosaur era where there's no internet? Worry no more! Google Chrome's Jumping T-Rex will accompany you temporarily!

According to a Q&A in a quora together with our analysis, perhaps the T-Rex of Google Chrome is "Stan" which stayed at Google's head quarters in California. Given that Big G's sculpture of Stan is purely portrayed of skeletons, this could literally be translated to the thought that their era is now long gone.

Going back to the topic, the Jumping T-Rex game of Chrome could only be accessed when you lost or do not have any internet connection. When this is displayed you could start off by hitting on your system unit's space bar or arrow up key. While according to Quora users, this mini-game could also be accessed in your SmartPhones by tapping the T-Rex when displayed.

To view a screenshot of the game taken on Google Chrome's User Interface, please view the image below.

Google Chrome's Jumping T-Rex (Stan) - Geeky Juan

The game play is very simple, just try to avoid hitting on those cacti and reach the highest score possible through jumping over it. As mentioned earlier, this could be done by hitting the space bar and arrow up key on a system unit and tapping the screen on Smart Phones.

Have you ever tried playing this simple yet fun game? Share to us your scores by posting a comment below!
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