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April 24, 2015

Easy access to Google's Find My Phone Feature

Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy access to Google's Find My Phone Feature - Geeky Juan Though a bit late, this is pretty much newsworthy so we’ll just add this one up to our archives.

Posted last April 16, 2015 in Google’s Plus page, you can now search your Android Device using Google Search in your Desktop.

Android Device Manager Tool - Geeky JuanFor those who have been in touch with Android devices for so long, it is known that searching for your device could originally be accessed via Android’s Device Manager Tool but through this update, you could easily access that Find My Phone feature by going through Google Search while logged on under the same account you have in your Android device.

We weren’t sure when was the last time we have updated our Google Apps which was somewhat mandatory according to some sources but still, we were able to locate our phone just by simply typing “find my phone” in Google Search.

Of course this is only effective if you left your phone with an internet connection so this one might just be useful for those who are trying to check if they left their phones on their houses or somewhere they go a lot. Stolen devices will definitely get android’s datas wiped instantly if the culprit knows what he’s doing so we believe this won’t definitely work for that purpose.

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