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April 24, 2015

Zomato ties the knot with Uber! – Gives FREE RIDES FOR FIRST TIME Uber users!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Zomato ties the knot with Uber! – Gives FREE RIDES FOR FIRST TIME Uber users! - Geeky Juan
With Zomato being one of the most known Restaurant Finder app, it has come to our attention that they start partnering with Uber which is also a known mobile transportation network. Fortunately, we’ve received the news earlier today making the partnership global! As a quote from what they’ve sent,

“Zomato doesn't just give you a plethora of foodie destinations – we've joined forces with Uber to give you the journey as well!”

As we tried downloading the latest version of Zomato in Google Play, the update was actually there! Just search for a restaurant you’re looking for and view its profile. Beside its address now displays an Uber button which will try to determine your location.

Zomato App with Uber - Free Rides for First Timers! - Geeky JuanAccording to the info we got, by tapping the Uber Button, it will give you detailed information which will let you know the estimated pickup time, fare and travel time to the restaurant from your current location by of course no other than an Uber partnered cab.

But wait! There’s more!

As mentioned also from our source, this partnership is giving you a FREE RIDE if this is your FIRST TIME using Uber! This free ride is worth up to Php. 300.00!

It was unclear though if this FREE RIDE for FIRST TIMERS should be used via the Uber App or directly from the Zomato App and that is something we’d want to know for sure! This feature is also available across thirteen (13) countries and of course, more features to expect from two of the most used app worldwide!

If you already tried this app or part of the First Timers, we’d definitely love to hear from you!
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