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May 16, 2015

Asus ZenFone 2 Philippine Prices Revealed! Includes New Asus Products!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello geeks! The much awaited ZenFone 2 Launch in the Philippines has already happened! Fortunately, some individuals in the Asus Zenfone 5 Philippine (Support) Facebook group was able to attend the event giving us the opportunity to tell you the official prices and other new Asus Products that is included in this launch!

Presented at the launch was this new accessories from Asus. Starting from left to right, the list is as follows. Flip Cover Deluxe, ZenPower, Lolliflash and the ZenFlash. As for a few details,

Flip Cover Deluxe - unlike the flip cover for the first generation ZenFones, this flip cover is not attached directly to the phones based on its images. This accessory now follows the commonly known flip covers where it serves just like a normal flip cover without attaching itself in the phone's back lid.
ZenPower - a credit card sized powerbank that holds a juice of 10500 mAh with a 215 g weight.
LolliFlash - a detachable flash as an add-on for your device that is placed via the earphone socket of the phone.
ZenFlash - a detachable flash as an add-on for the device in a rectangular shape with suction cups to attach itself to the device.

Now, here are the official prices of the ZenFone 2 variants that are available now in the country! Please click on the images to enlarge which phone and price are you looking at.

And for the last part, as announced in the World Trance Center, here are some freebies for the first few users of ZenFone 2 in the country! The Lolliflash. ZenPower or the ZenFlash!

Any reaction? Please place it on the comment box available below! As for us? We are definitely excited to get in touch with these handsets and accessories!

Photo credit to Sir Nikko James
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