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May 27, 2015

Burny Bird - Review

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Longing for that flappy little bird that took not only the Android community but those at Apple as well? Well here's another bird with a twist!
Introducing Burny Bird (v1.3)! While the graphics and its environment looks like the one we've been looking for, there's a bit of a twist on this game. Instead of the usual horizontal navigation, this bird's goin' up! A closed canvas that will put the game to end in three conditions: 1) Hit the wall, 2) Hit the leaves and 3) Fall on that fiery wave.

Burny Bird - Review | Geeky JuanPlatform: Android
Version: 1.3
PlayStore: Burny Bird
Facebook: Bysik

The game is still pretty simple, you just have to go as high as possible to achieve a higher score. Mostly, your only opponent is yourself but given that this game is connected at Google Games, you could check for leaderboards that records players from around the globe. Coins however is a different story. You could find some of these in most irritating area which seems more like a challenge from the developers saying "you can't have it all" since some of these coins are located in between two narrow-spaced leaves.


The game play as I mentioned earlier is pretty simple. You just have to fly as high as possible, get lots of coins which will be used for changing the bird you're using and even turn it to some salamander like character. You could navigate to the top by tapping the left and right side of the screen for the directions or you could change the settings and make it use the tilt mode for its navigation.


The graphics is not as what I have expected. It is true though that the original bird flying game was backed by the retro design background together with its surrounding obstacles, this one is a bit off. The leaves were composed of higher chunks of pixels which I find unpleasing plus the three-piece cloud that is not even changing.

Burny Bird Navigation - Geeky Juan

Sounds however was more like what I was hoping for. Every flap, fall and death has its own distinctions that suits the graphics and the game play like it was really made from way back. There's a bit of a catch though. At some point in-game there's a part where it seems there was an error that is highly represented by the sound I'm hearing. It's like a jack was being removed from an amplifier.


The game was actually fun to play with as you gather coins for a better bird character (or the salamander) but there was a huge lacking on the interface. The fiery flow at the bottom sure fits but it doesn't function at all. It just serves as a pit and I think perhaps some added animation on that could help the app greatly. (Okay, maybe not that great) However, a better representation of the leaves could be beneficial plus that cloudy background should at least be changes in my opinion.

My rating on the app would be a 3.5 out of 5 as of the moment.


There is still a huge room for improvement on this application but the timing could be of essence on how they will make it happen. This is a game that has once conquered the charts but has met an abrupt end which greatly affects the offspring of its kind. If the developers still pursue this, there will still be more challenges to come.

To those who have tried this application, what are your thoughts about this? Will this bird soar high or down low?
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