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May 7, 2015

Project 'Spartan' is released as Microsoft 'Edge' - Is it any good?

Thursday, May 07, 2015

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After all the hype when Microsoft announced their upcoming browser Spartan earlier this year, it has come to our attention that the visualized Project Spartan which is expected to become on par with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox has took an unfortunate turn. Though the project has been continuous, it was renamed and was officially now called Microsoft Edge.

Two months ago, Microsoft ended Internet Explorer giving way to the much awaited Project Spartan - Microsoft Edge which will be shipped together with the new Windows 10 Operating System replacing Internet Explorer for good. Aside from changing the name to Edge, the strong image that was expected by users from Project Spartan went down the hill when Edge turns out to have a near IE portrayal with that lower-case ‘E’ and what seems like a brush-up hair style instead of the outer ring IE holds.

With this revamped browser of Microsoft, the real question behind the looks is if it could really keep up with the most famous browsers we are currently using. Upon searching for answers, we stumble upon some users who actually have tried the beta version and here’s what they have noted of the new browser.

  • Cortana is built with the browser - implemented with an assistant, Edge will function just like Google’s quick answers and Google Now
  • Some things could be done without extensions - just like what we have mentioned above, these features are built-in without any extensions that need to be downloaded. This includes but not limited to, saving screenshots of web pages putting notes on them, etc.
  • Reading mode keeps it clean - perhaps a something like an ‘adblock’ as it will make your reading experience continuous without further interruptions.

Cortana in Microsoft Project Spartan - Edge | Geeky Juan
Photo Credit to LifeHacker
Still, a lot of features and other functionalities that we live by are still missing, giving room for much more improvement in the future. After netizens proclaim their doubts with Microsoft’s new browser icon design, we could all hope that they won’t ruin this new opportunity they have.

Have you experienced Edge first hand? Share to us your thoughts and let's keep this fire burning.

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