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May 6, 2015

Zenfone Lollipop Update for First Generation Delayed!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Having a ZenFone has never been a decision I regret. I must say that personally, everything went okay for us who got the device but after such a long wait, the only thing that had us frustrated was the fact that the Lollipop update for First Gen Zenfones has been delayed!

Not only that the Lollipop update still doesn’t get the Smart Gestures named Zen Motion in ZenFone 2 but the fact it was delayed after the leaked images of the update got the whole community expecting in disappointment.

However, a statement was released last April 30, 2015 as Asus wasn’t able to deliver from the expected date.

Asus was scheduled to provide ZenFone4, ZenFone5,ZenFone6, ZenFone5 LTE and PadFoneS with Android L upgrade in the end of April.We've sent the new version for final verification and we expect to release the upgrade soon. Please refer to following table for new OTA plan. We would request the kind consideration and understanding of our customers with regards to any inconvenience caused by this schedule changing. - Asus Community Administrator

Hopefully this time, Asus will be able to live up to its promises as six (6) kind of units are expecting the update this May. We sure hope it could get released before the the ZenFone 2 hits the Philippine market. (Obviously consumer wise)

For a visual schedule of the updates, please see the image below.

First Gen ZenFone rescheduled for Lollipop Update! - Geeky Juan

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