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June 27, 2015

Sloganizr App Answer Sheet for Levels 1 to 50!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

NOTE: Check out the Complete Answer Sheet of Sloganizr here! 


Hi! Once again, after trying out the app a few more times after we posted the review regarding Sloganizr App, it seems that there is still a lot of improvements that needs to be done. Primarily, I would just like to note that the answers (levels) are given in order! That means, if the user has been playing the game for so long, he could just at least memorize the number. *I doubt it though. But putting it in order makes it more easy.

Sloganizr App Slogan Walkthrough  Level 1 to 50! - Geeky Juan
Screenshot from Sloganizr App
As we play the game, I personally felt my age being whispered directly through my eyes (clearly I chose 'eyes') as I went through the app. Setting that aside, what we're offering you now is a walkthrough or to put it simply, the answers for the level were you're stuck! We know the feeling of frustration when you're stuck at a field you want to surpass so we're making it at reach for those lazy and dependent brains.

NOTE: If you don't want to take a glimpse, please feel free to navigate away from this page as it would contain major spoilers for the app. To those who will stick to find out the answers they were looking for, just hit the "Find in Page" from your browser and type in the slogan that was presented in front of you!

Level 1 - 50
  1. Turning Ideas into reality - Ideaspace
  2. May Liwanag ang buhay - Meralco
  3. Walang himala - Nora Aunor
  4. Bawal ang Wangwang! - Noynoy Aquino
  5. Mahanging ba sa labas? - Rejoice
  6. Ama ng Wikang Pambansa - Manuel Quezon
  7. This is your show, this is your time - Showtime
  8. Choco na gatas, gatas na choco - Bear Brand
  9. Dumadaloy ang ginhawa - Maynilad
  10. Sports car yung Red! - Fita
  11. Live more - Smart
  12. Isang bala ka lang! - FPJ
  13. Nakasisiguro, gamot ay laging bago - Mercury Drug
  14. Cheetaehh... ganda lalake! - Starzan
  15. Barya lang po sa Umaga - Tsuper
  16. Tak, tak, tak! - Ajinomoto
  17. Iwas sakit, iwas gastos - Safeguard
  18. Ato ti Bondying, ato ti Bondying! - Jimmy Santos
  19. The strong beer for real men - Colt 45
  20. Muk-hasim talaga! - Datu Puti
  21. Kapuso, makulay ang buhay! - GMA Network
  22. Obey your thirst - Sprite
  23. Kung walang knowledge, walang power - Ernie Baron
  24. Liver lover Boy! - Liveraide
  25. Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan - Jose Rizal
  26. Bawal magkasakit - Clusivol
  27. Dream, Believe, Survive! - Starstruck
  28. Kapamilya ng bawat Pilipino - ABS-CBN
  29. Crispylicious. Juicylicious - Jollibee
  30. God knows Hudas not pay! - Tsuper
  31. Saging lang ang may Puso! - Mark Lapid
  32. You're in good hands! - Metrobank
  33. Tangkad Sagad! - Cherifer
  34. Ikaw na! - Boy Abunda
  35. Isang libo't isang tuwa! - Eat Bulaga
  36. Kids can tell! - Tender Juicy
  37. Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan? - Love Radio
  38. Excuse me po! - Mike Enriquez
  39. Gawin nating light ang buhay - Emperador
  40. Ito ang tama! - Red Horse
  41. Ding ang Bato! - Vilma Santos
  42. Di namin kayo Tatantanan! - Imbestigador
  43. Sampol King - Jhong Hilario
  44. Love ko 'to! - McDonalds
  45. Basta sexy, libre! - Tsuper
  46. Alien! Raise the roof! - Brod Pete
  47. Lamowk seygoradong teypowk! - Dragon Katol
  48. Unkabogable! - Vice Ganda
  49. The Citi that never sleeps - Citibank
  50. Ito ang break mo! - Skyflakes
Clearly there are still a lot of grounds that we need to cover so we will be posting this by parts. We certainly don't have all day to play this app but we would gladly appreciate it if someone would give us a hand here. We'll be updating the site for more cheat sheet for you so stay tuned!
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