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June 26, 2015


Friday, June 26, 2015

Sloganizr App Review - Geeky Juan
Screenshot from Sloganizr Application
A game that has been pulled out at Google Play but still making the rounds in some social media sites is SLOGANIZR. A simple game just like the others but questions are purely regarding the slogans made popular in the Philippines.

According to the app's Facebook page, "Sloganizr is currently out of Google Play Store because we are improving game experience and adding more Pinoy Taglines..."

The statement given by the admins of the page is obviously to protect the app. As we have recalled, there are some purely for Filipino-Only apps that circulates PlayStore before who didn't made the same move Sloganizr is making right now. Clearly, this is a strategy to protect the app from negative feedback while they make some improvements that might have gotten their attention before a horde of users make the report. However, if protecting the app from negative feedback wasn't their primary focus, then the only thing we could think of is that the app might have violated some policy of Google and received a warning.

Since this is about a review of the app, I believe it's proper to get this one started.


Unlike the famous 4 Pics 1 Word, Sloganizr's medium for questioning is by displaying slogans instead of images. Game play is technically the same as you would just simply click on the letters to arrange the name you would want as your answer. Transition is a bit delayed when clicking on the letters based on my experience but it is definitely bearable.

As it is said to be under development, the copy that we got is having problems when sharing the image on Facebook and hopefully they are doing their part to fix this problem. If this is going to circulate social medias more, this is a definite necessity.

Difficulty is quite astounding as the game masters not only put trending slogans but also throwbacks as well. We are not sure if this could go way back to the 70's but slogans made popular before are being discovered through this app!


Astoundingly, the graphics of this app is suitable for it. It is not stressful to the eyes and its colors do match the app. Not much to discuss about this since it is just presenting a simple but presentable interface for the app.


I don't know if you're expecting something like a soundtrack for this one but clearly you'll just hear button clicks and coins all throughout your experience. Again, not much to talk about it.


Yes, we are already at the conclusion part of this review. Pros and cons I think is not suitable for this kind of app as it is very simple but hard and enjoyable at the same time. This app looks promising and is a great way of having nostalgic experiences by recalling old but gold slogans from the past. It is still under development/improvement so as for our own opinion, we are giving this a static 3.75 score out of five.

This conclusion of course is temporary as we will wait for the updated version of the app which was mentioned to be released this June of 2015 in their Facebook Page.


BluLemons Gaming Studio is backed by three familiar and probably notable persons in the industry and they are the following:
  • CEO: Joel M. Eya
  • COO: Lawrence Benitez
  • CTO: Mark Leo Jalandoni
With this people behind, it is expected to have outstanding output for their next update. Hopefully they will keep up with their timeline.

Any experiences both positive or negative for Sloganizr? Feel free to post your comments below!
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