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June 10, 2015

The Silicon Valley of the Philippines - Voyager Innovations

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If you ever saw the movie "The Internship" and "The Social Network", surely you have an idea of how the places at Silicon Valley will look like. A place most notable as the home of giant tech companies to make their workplace like home by giving their staff nearly all they would ever need. A futuristic workplace which is being adopted currently by Voyager Innovations.

Voyager Innovation Workplace - Geeky JuanVoyager Innovations which is a subsidiary of Smart Communications Inc is said to be the digital arm of PLDT but by checking out the website, it is most likely or would later on be the digital arm of the famous Filipino businessman, Manny V. Pangilinan. Clearly with someone like him backing up a company would mean the latest and most cutting edge technology will be available right at hand. Now who wouldn't want to work with that?

By using an open floor plan as the new workplace, I believe it is expected to improve the quality of service provided and enhance work relationship not only to their superiors but also to those who work under them. Your managers and executives are working just around the corner within a cubicle! No side tracks, no other doors and appointments to settle just straight to the point plus, frequent gatherings for sharing with colleagues called iShare and with a casual dress code!

Voyager Innovation Leisure - Geeky JuanRemoving the conventional ambiance of the workplace, you could also have that relaxation time you always dreamed off when you're at work for they not only placed astounding and meaningful decorations but also giving their employees a place to wind off. (Not to mention that you could waveboard your way from Point A to Point B!) Check out this statement given by the product manager of Talk2 for example.

“Some employers might think that entertainment options like our X-Box will be a distraction, but it’s always the opposite. When I’m a bit tired, I take a breather and play table-tennis or X-Box. Then when I resume work, I am recharged and ready to rock. I end up being more productive compared to if I had just forced myself to work straight,” said Dennis Macaspac

Voyager Innovation Ambiance - Geeky Juan

Now who says Silicon Valley is without food? Have you ever watched the movie I mentioned? Adapted from foreign lands, Voyager Innovation Inc. is providing its employees with breakfast and fruits daily! Can't work on an empty stomach can't you?

Voyager Innovation Mission and Vision - Geeky JuanAccording to Voyager Innovations itself, this kind of environment is finally paying off as all production time has been reduced! Take this for example, they could actually launch a website in as early as two weeks which is in a huge advantage against the three month average of other companies that offers the same service!

“Voyager has a global vision, so it wants you to learn from the best. While we do attend some local conferences and events, the company places a big emphasis on going abroad to learn from world class experts. Just this month, I got to travel to New York to attend a content marketing summit featuring some of the best content marketers in the business,” said Nigel Maranan, who handles content marketing and public relations for SafeZone.

Voyager Innovation Mr. Maranan - Geeky JuanWith their desire to learn from world class experts as said by Mr. Maranan, it is also believed that their employees are using economy flights to allow more people to travel per year for training and through this, they are sharing the knowledge they've gathered with the entire team! This also includes executives and managers!

Lastly, to site some words of their managing director Mr. Benjie Fernandez...

“Would we have reached these milestones without the office being the way it is? Undoubtedly, yes. But we would not have been able to do it as fast, nor as resource efficient, without our workplace and culture being designed the way it is. Our work environment allows us to focus on the only thing that matters: execution,”

Clearly the workplace speaks more than what we were introduced to at the past for here are live proof of the outcome based on how they do it in the west. But perhaps, the proper thing in questions is the nation. Are the Filipino culture suited for this kind of environment? Maybe, or maybe not. It will still all rely on your own perspective.

If you are eager to know more about their accomplishments, then take a look at their successful projects.
Voyager Innovation mode of Transportation - Geeky JuanVoyager Innovation Statue - Geeky Juan

NOTE: Images used in this article came directly from Voyager Innovation with agreement to be used freely for this article.

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