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July 5, 2015

Asus' ShareLink App is now available on PC!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Good news for ZenFone users! Asus' ShareLink app is now available on your desktop or laptop computers!

Asus ShareLink App is now available for PC! - Geeky JuanShareLink is an app developed by Asus which functions the same as the known File Transfer application ShareIt from Playstore! You could simply and seamlessly transfer files, folders, music, apps and images.

It is beneficial now not only on mobile but on PCs as well since it transfers file faster than the common means of transferring which is through BlueTooth. This is achievable by using wireless network that is now available on Android Devices through Tethering while if you're exchanging files from PC, the app will use the WLAN from your network to transfer the files.

Check out the steps if you are not familiar with the use of this app in our guide! Read more about this at: How to Use ShareLink Android App of Asus!

Download it on PlayStore 
ShareLink for PC at:
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