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July 24, 2015

Gigster - Turning your Ideas to Applications!

Friday, July 24, 2015

After a few weeks of being completely occupied by IRL tasks, let us give you some good news we just found out on the web!

Today, we'll introduce to you Gigster, a site that turns a user's idea to applications with the right amount. By doing so, even the most non-tech person with the right capital could turn out to be one of the biggest hotshot of the year by having his idea come to life!

Gigster - Turning your ideas to Applications - Geeky Juan
Screenshot taken from Gigster's Site
Taking that note to sink, you would probably wonder about how the process would work and as curious as we are, further digging leads us to an article at TechCrunch. According to the process they mentioned, you will just simply create an account and snap a chat with a sales engineer about the project you have in mind and after a few minutes or so, you'd get a quotation for that idea of yours together with the estimated time of completion!

Clearly, this is a great and sweet deal as they will do the searching for qualified candidates to take on that one-in-a-million idea you have sitting in that fat brain of yours to become fully functional in a matter of days, weeks or months! (Of course this will depend on the complexity/difficulty of the project you have) In addition to what I have mentioned here, you could also add for additional features and continuation of the development as mentioned from the article, should you have other tweaks you want to impose.

According to the site, the freelance coders that will work on your project will always be from the world's top universities and tech companies as they include logos from notable companies such as Google, Microsoft, MIT, etc.

Well, so far so good right? The only thing that's left in mind for us here is if... "How long will it take until your best idea becomes replicated?" Not that we are questioning the credibility of this new strartup but given that you could require a non-disclosure agreement from the company, no one could protect an idea that will be up sooner or later on the web and before you know it, someone with a better capital will take over before you could even make a name for yourself!

Lastly, before saying our final remarks... I would like to quote this thought clinging to my ears after getting knowledge of this startup. This one comes from the 2010 film, "The Social Network".

"A guy who makes a nice chair doesn't owe money to everyone who has ever built a chair"

I hope you'd get the reference on that one. Either way, if you have an idea and the capital to get things going, then you might wanna check this out!

Source : TechCrunch
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