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October 13, 2015

How to select "Behind Text" image from Microsoft Word

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hello again geeky mates!? After a long hiatus, here we are again! This time, we'll be posting something very simple but has always been a thing that we always forget.

Today we plan to select an image placed behind text. As we all know, selecting such image has always been tricky and it consumes a awful amount of time. But as always, navigating the web has always been a much more easier solution. So without any hesitations, let's pile this guide in our archives shall we?

How to select "Behind Text" image from Microsoft Word 2007

1. Go to your Home Tab on your Ribbon
2. Navigate through the "Editing" section
3. Click the "Select"
4. Set it to "Select Objects"

After doing the said steps, your pointer should always be available for selecting images above or behind text. Should something bug you along the way, just revert it back to "Select Text with Similar Formatting" and everything should go around smoothly.

Credits to HansV of
for this awesome and straight to the point guide!
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