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April 9, 2017

Pocket Arcade - The All in One Arcade Experience

Sunday, April 09, 2017

So I was back in blogging and happened to come across a new game that's making a fuss on the online community. To my surprise, the developer/s were proudly a fellow countryman!

Pocket Arcade by Kuyi Mobile | Geeky JuanPocket Arcade - the new breed of games sure has taken Google Play with a bang as they hit the 1.2 million total download mark within 6 days of release! This is something worth praising in my opinion as this was frankly new to my ears since Filipino developers / Philippine based development hasn't been hitting the international market as this great before! Well, I may still be wrong so please correct me anytime but today, I will gladly feature this all-in-one arcade experience developed by Kuyi Mobile!

Currently, Pocket Arcade features four (4) common mini games as listed down below:

1. UFO Catcher - where you control a claw to pick up different prizes. A very common game that could be payed in-real-life in most arcades. The game's crane could only be moved forward then to the right direction. The third time you hit that control button, it'll grab whatever prize/item it was below. Aside from the prizes, you could find a bundle of coins and some meteorites that is converted as 1 coin per piece.

UFO Catcher - Pocket Arcade | Geeky Juan

2. Mayan Coin Pusher - a game where you "strategically" put coins to push them and prizes for points and displays. Another common game that was previously popularized by other developers. It also reached the top 100 of Google Play back in the days so I could definitely say that this was a great way to let time pass. Well, you could say that the drawback is because you couldn't expect your coins to replenish every once in a while when you hit rock bottom. It's either you buy some in-app purchases or wait for the daily rewards / ads.

Mayan Coin Pusher - Pocket Arcade | Geeky Juan

3. Alien Whacker - a modernized version of whack-a-mole. A great way to relieve stress as you try to hit 'em aliens that also disguise themselves as astronauts and as each level go higher, the timer will gradually go faster everytime.

Alien Whacker - Pocket Arcade | Geeky Juan

4. Hoop Hero - perhaps popularized by Facebook's mini-game and real life hoops in the arcade, comes another basketball game that feeds on your five coins per game. Same old rules where you won't need to pay again for the next stage if you reach the current level's mark so you better have your shooting skills prepared! Second stage immediately goes to a moving basket!

Hoop Hero - Pocket Arcade | Geeky Juan

Other section of the game offers a display of prizes you've collected over time and a shop section where you could buy coins and other offers by Pocket Arcade. The games were actually very common and you could find other variants from both PlayStore and iTunes but given the fact that a single app holds 'em all made it sound pretty convenient if you ask me! A great way to pass time and I could say that downloading it was not something I felt sorry for.

Pocket Arcade - Gallery | Geeky JuanSettings Pocket Arcade | Geeky Juan

You could easily find Pocket Arcade on both major mobile platforms so just simply search for the title and you'd be up for grabs! Pocket Arcade also consumes roughly 240 MB and has a very decent graphics!


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