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May 18, 2017 - Promos and Discounts focused for the Philippines!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have you ever wanted to buy something online and been dying to find a promo code to lessen the cost of a product/service? Then you'd be excited with what this year old website has in store for you! - promos and discounts in the Philippines | Geeky Juan
With a WHOIS record of being created last June 06, 2016. got us hooked due to the high demand for convenience in making transactions over the web. According to their management, PromoCode is the Philippine version of which is based in Netherlands.  The focus of these kind of websites is to give you a list of promo codes or directs you to a shop's special offers for you to try. These are really helpful since the online stores we have here in the Philippines are on the rise and reproducing really fast. It's like those Food Parks that became a sudden hit. Really.

While I haven't really used any of the codes they had to offer, the list they have provided really directs you to the store's special offer page. Please see image below for reference. - Discount List | Geeky Juan
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Though in the international grounds, some promo codes don't really work as convenient due to limit of use or other circumstance I personally had the privilege to experience the same concept when buying a theme from Template Monster so I would definitely suggest that you try what they had in-store! Of course, be mindful of the terms and simple notes they have placed there. It was there for a reason so you should read it!

Current Philippine Traffic : 20,000 visitors monthly
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Have you ever experienced making a transaction you've found from!? Please don't hesitate to reveal your insights on them by placing a comment below!
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