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May 13, 2017

Ragnarok Online Philippines Beta Test Schedule and other Updates!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Under new management, Ragnarok Online answered the questions we've all been waiting for! For the latest updates, checkout these information we've gathered!

Ragnarok Online Photo from Electronics Extreme | Geeky Juan

Business Model
  • Free to Play (Free to Win)
  • Custom Event for PH
  • Boss card not buyable via top up
  • No VIP section in game
  • Costume: have some additives like +1 EXP extra - Costumes have minimal advantages
  • Godly items will be released soon
  • No Imba Cash item
  • Some will be permanent and some are rental items
Server Status
  • Foreign users has no restriction (No IP ban)
  • CBT June (Mid)
  • 2 Server: Thor and Loki
  • Rate x1
In-Game Detail
  • Revo-Classic
  • Start 2-1 Job/Class
  • Alternate Job 6months to be release
  • High Class will be released 1-2 yrs after launch
  • Original map
  • No Juno / Morroc fix
  • Guild war will be 3 weeks after launch
  • Guild alliance will be allowed
  • Ignore level differences between player and mobs
  • No Bot
  • Multiple clients up to 5 (login)

Closed Beta Test was announced to start on Mid June. However, we haven't got any idea on how to make it to the beta test. Should you have any information, drop a major hint below and we'll surely update this post!
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