Hi everyone!

I'm Gyro De Leon. An Information Technology student from the Philippines!


I became a blogger since 2009 but happened to lose the luxury of time on succeeding years. I resumed blogging last 2012 but focused only on presenting my original works on poetry, essays and short story under the pseudonym "Reilly Reverie". I am also a frustrated graphic artist and an aspiring Web and Software Engineer. As for my social accounts, you could find me at the links I gave below.

As a person, I don't do well in engaging in social circles. I'm the kind who mostly works alone but loves the company of others. Though the problem would be is that, I don't talk to much. Yes, I might be a boring person. An introvert. But I'm expecting a makeover on my attitude on succeeding days, months or years. Who knows how long it would take. All that I can assure you is that, I'M WORKING ON IT.


Geeky Juan

A product based on the confined thoughts that wanted to escape since adolescence and founded blog as the medium. Geeky Juan aims to represent the life of an average Filipino and how we deal with our everyday situation. Mostly, since I am indulged in technology, most of the categories of my articles will cover more on that matter, though this will still be a personal blog that may or may not tackle things that interest other people. Geeky Juan aims to become a blog that people will go to for reliable and unbiased articles and commentaries.

Geeky Juan is a lifestyle blog that aims to empower its readers through distributing information in the form of writing and video tutorials. Through this, the site aims to become a symbol. A symbol where the value of information is highly preserved and distributed.


Be part of the leading blogs in the Philippines that gives off valuable information that could be easily understood by any individual that seeks for knowledge.

To give the netizens truthful and fact-based articles backed by necessary supporting files to prove that the process or discussion was in-fact correct.

In the year 2014, Geeky Juan aims to provide its readers not only information regarding technological information but also to give files and necessities for its audience to improve and help them in the field of their interest that is part of the Geeky Juan project.

GEEKY JUAN as an Online Repository

As a victim of "Short-term Memory Loss", another reason why Geeky Juan is built is to serve as an online repository for me when I forgot the most common things that I'm interested with which needs to be recalled in any time possible.
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