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The importance of the audience's privacy is as dear to Geeky Juan just as how important it is to those concerned. Geeky Juan does not and will not collect any other information about our audience without their consent. However, the location, browser type and time visited are being monitored through the use of Cookies and is only used for analytic purposes only.

Geeky Juan is a blog that is advisable for general audience and will not post anything directly or related to an article that is not advisable to those who are considered as minors. (Children age 13 and below) However, we do not advise minors to submit anything to us without the proper guidance of their guardians.

What do we Collect

Geeky Juan is using a third party commentary system which enables us to track and keep record of the user's IP Address and E-mail whenever they feel the urge to comment in one of our articles. In addition to that, whenever the user uses our Contact Form, it will require them to provide basic necessary information which includes Name, E-mail Address and Time of Inquiry which is used only to serve as a reference for us to contact that certain user again. Though we keep a record of those private details, rest assure that Geeky Juan will not disclose any information related to its users without informing them and wait for their consent.

How do we protect Your informtaion?

Geeky Juan is hosted on a trusted and reputable weblog publishing which ensures safety for every user. Regarding the E-mails and other information provided on our site, the same corporation that handles our blog serves as the vault for that information and is ensured to be protected and will not be disclosed unless the law requires us to do so.


This Privacy Policy may change without prior notice at any time possible but rest assure that what is written above will still be observed if ever the need to change our policy is inevitable. If in any case that we might need to go against the existing Privacy Policy, we'll notify the readers immediately before doing so.

If there are any more questions or clarifications, please use our Contact Form and we'll address to your inquiry as soon as possible.
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